Month: December 2015

Letstrak GPS Pet Tracker Will Send Owners Smartphone Notifications with A Precise Location to Bring Lost Pets Home Safely

Our pets are more than just adorable animals to curl up with, they are family members. Thanks to technology, we no longer have to worry about not being connected to them when we aren’t home.
Using GPS-tracking technology, we can easily find our missing iPhones or keep track our children by downloading apps like Find My Kids or Family Tracker. So, it only makes sense that we protect our fur babies just the same.
Perfect for your cat who likes to dart out of the house each time you open the door, or your dog that always finds a way of escaping the backyard, Letstrak GPS Pet Tracker will send owners a Smartphone notification any time their pet is away from home.
Letstrak GPS Pet Tracking device that attaches to your dog or cat’s collar or harness up to one-inch wide. It’s rated IP6, meaning it’s waterproof and durable, so it can still work during a rainy walk in the park or at the beach, and weighs only 1.3 ounces, making it lightweight to not bother your pet. It also has a rechargeable battery that takes only an hour to charge.
Pet owners download the accompanying app to set a “safe zone,” whether that is your home or office, and any time your pet leaves these perimeters, the app will automatically send a text, email or in-app alert to reveal your pet’s whereabouts.
While many pet owners may use microchips, using this way to ID your pet is only beneficial if the dog or cat is found by a shelter or vet. What about the ones who aren’t rescued?
Letstrak removes the anxiety owner’s face when worrying about their pet running off, settling fears that they won’t return. With 10 million dogs reported missing each year, this device can help increase the amount of pups and kitties that safety make it home.
The Letstrak app uses GPS technology to provide the precise location of a pet’s whereabouts. That means any time the owner opens the app, they can see where their loyal companion is. If they are notified that the pet left the safe zone, they will be able to see exactly where to find their fury friend.
Along with using the GPS functionality, the Letstrak app also allows pet owners to track and manage their cat or dog’s health. They can add notes and receive reminders about their pet’s medications, see their activity, sleep and trends for that particular breed.
Letstrak GPS Pet Tracker retails for $79.95, and can be purchased on the company’s website. Pet owners will also have to pay for a service plan that ranges from $6.95 to $9.95 per month.

Personal GPS Tracker for Vehicle and Children

A GPS tracking device is a unit that utilizes the ‘Global Positioning System’ in order to track persons, vehicles, or any other assets. If you have a personnel tracker it is easy to monitor your employees on the job. However, although workplace surveillance has been permitted, there are limitations on how much an employer can track his employees.

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Devices

Vehicle Tracking System


Technology helps transportation companies monitor their vehicles, as well as their drivers; they can access data using automobile tracking systems. The device is beneficial because — it streamlines transportation companies, helps avoid accidents, and assists with saving money. It can help emergency services by keeping track of ambulances; this can be a crucial factor in helping to save lives. After tracking the exact spot of an emergency scene, authorities can send ambulances. Another great advantage of the device is you can download it to your PC if you wish to find out more information, at a later time. Often this will be required in the case of accidents. It can help the police force by ensuring safety of the personnel; the police can deploy available forces when required. It is helpful for restaurants that have delivery service, so they can monitor the exact location of the drivers. Public transportation companies are using this technology to provide commuters real-time information. More information about vehicle tracking system.

Shipment Tracking

A cargo ship track is possible with the help of a GPS tracking device. Providers of ocean freights are benefiting from this device. Reduced theft and better customer service are just a few of the advantages. The tracking system also can monitor valuable shipment. The devices have weather-proof containers and extended-life batteries. The gadgets can be installed inconspicuously on heavy equipment for the purpose of monitoring discreetly. It can reduce your claims on cargo insurance; in fact, there are some insurance companies that require these systems. Shipping companies can offer the tracking system service as a perk to their clients. Additionally, there will be fewer inquiries about arrival times or port delays. If you have a shipping business, the tracking technology can take care of a single vessel or a fleet of ships.

Personal GPS Tracker

Personal Tracker

A tracking device for personal use is a great tool especially for parents. A GPS child tracking system is a superb way to monitor your children. You can use the device along with a simple software application. It can be kept in your child’s backpack which will provide updates to your email or phone. You will know the exact location of your child. It also keeps a record of the places the person visited. Child locators can keep you at peace when you take them to a crowded place. If your teen drives, you can monitor his whereabouts as the device also works as a vehicle monitoring system.

Why Purchase Best Dog GPS Collar for Your Pets?

One of the biggest fears of every dog owner is losing their pet. Just like with small children, you can’t help but worry about where your dogs are and what are they doing. With this in mind, the first pet GPS tracking device was invented, and then a bunch more of them followed. In our list of dog GPS collar review below, we’ve research and found five best dog GPS collars that you should consider. But first, why should you even think of buying a dog GPS collar?

There are many different reasons why a dog owner might want to purchase a dog GPS collar. Maybe you have hunting dogs, any kind of other working dogs and need to keep a close eye on them. Or maybe you simply like hiking and spending time outdoors with your canine.

Either way, these GPS tracking devices serve as a harmless containment fence for your pets, and by setting boundaries along the territory you’re in, you can manage and control where your dogs go and how they behave. Some of these devices you can even use for training your canines, and you can get even more out of them if you have more than one dog.

Today’s GPS tracking devices can locate your pets almost anywhere, whether he’s in the other room or on the other side of town. Investing in a best dog GPS collar can save you a lot of headache, problems, and questions when your Fido goes missing, and possibly even safe your dog’s life one day. Unfortunately, the better pet GPS system is, the more expensive it will cost; and these prices can go really high, up to $700-800 per unit.

But are expensive dog GPS collars worth all that money? Are they that much better than inexpensive pet GPS tracking devices that start at $100? The answer to this is: it depends. One on one, a premium device such as Astro 320 cannot be even compared to something you can buy for $100-200 in terms of its features, reliability and functionality. But the question is, do you really need a device that expensive?

Another question you must ask yourself is whether you want to invest more now or over the long term? For example, dog GPS collars that are cheaper and smartphone based will usually come with subscription services for which you pay a monthly fee. So if you based your calculations on a long run, professional dog GPS collar will be cheaper than a subscription service-based device, and it will also be more reliable and accurate at what it does. But the initial investment required usually scares off most dog owners from purchasing a good quality item at first. 

Now, finding the best dog GPS collar might prove to be a challenge. There’s a huge bunch of options available today, especially on Letstrak. We’ve done our in-depth research on all available pet items and scanned literally though everything available. Below is the result of this hard work and thorough research of finding best dog GPS collar: a list of GPS tracking items for your convenience, because we know how much dog owners of today love and trust this website.