Month: March 2016

How to Keep Your Teen from Misusing Their Freedom to Enjoy Life?

As kids grow up, they want to enjoy their independence. Teens want to spend their free times and holidays with their besties. Plus, if they have a set of wheels to travel around, then they will surely be labelled “cool” in their group of friends. Kids, after they reach the age when they can legally drive, want to take the car out for a drive. Sometimes, your teen will ask to borrow your car to go meet up with friends at the local restaurant, while at times they may try to persuade you to lend your vehicle for a weekend trip to nearby tourist spots. This is the period of time when children rebel and try to do things that will annoy their parents. It will definitely be a tiring time for parents who are torn between protecting their child and allowing them to spread their wings and explore the world. There is a solution which can bring a compromise between the two. Get a GPS tracking device for kids.
Your teen may feel “tied up” when you ask them to use the child tracking device. However, if you are firm and clear about the facts, you can make sure that they keep the tracking device with them. Tell your child clearly that the tracking device is to ensure his/her safety and not for you to spy on your child. This GPS-based tracking device allows you to monitor your child’s movements without being too intrusive.
In this fast-paced world, everyone in the family has a life of his/her own. Most of the days, even the meal times don’t coincide. At such times, there is absolutely no way for the parents to know where their children. The GPS tracking device for children gives them a peace of mind. This tracking device is usually of the passive type, which means that it is not on constantly. Anytime, the parents want to check on their children, they can simply give a missed call to the tracking device. Immediately, they will get an alert about the accurate location of the child. It is just like calling up your teen and asking him/her where he/she is. If your child doesn’t respond to phone calls or is studying in an institute that doesn’t permit the use of mobile phones, this child tracking device will definitely come handy. Protect your child from afar by using a GPS tracking device. 

GPS Child Tracking While Building Relationships

Imagine not knowing where your newly licensed teen is when they were supposed to home hours ago for dinner.  Without the help of a GPS tracking device for children, most parents would be on the phone with every childhood friend and eventually the police to get help finding their child.  Imaging sending your child 3000 miles across the country for a school trip;  with the help of a real time GPS tracking device, your mind can be at ease knowing your child is where they are supposed to be.  Many parents use accurate GPS tracking technology for young children with both mental and physical disabilities, to know that they got on the bus as scheduled, to know that they go to after school care or to know that the other parent just picked them up.  What a relief to know that your child has learned well from you and is driving at a responsible speed.
Letstrak GPS tracking devices can provide you with speed, location, and direction information at your fingertips through the accompanying web mapping application.  Simply draw a Geo fence “Alert Zone” or virtual fence around any area and provide your email or phone number to the system in order to get alerts once the Geo fence has been broken.  You will immediately know when the GPS tracking device has entered or exited and area.  Use the SOS button on the GPS tracking device and it will immediately and consistently send email or text message alerts as to the location of the teen tracking device.
Knowing where your child is while giving them the space they often times need while going through the teen years can be tricky without the help of a real time GPS tracking device.  It can be an invaluable tool in building your relationship while not over crowding your child.


Real time GPS fleet tracking can be an important money-saving tool for any sized business. From the ability to reduce fleet idle times, improve driver behaviours and measure maintenance costs, the solution is designed to control expenses that can eventually affect your company’s bottom line.
Live tracking is an important and interesting feature offered by Letstrak. Designed to help locate the current location of your company vehicles; the solution is capable of playing back trip details, generating reports based on location visits and optimizing routes for customer visits.
Locating vehicles within the database is fairly easy and accessible. You can select multiple vehicles at a time which will automatically populate on a map as shown in the image below or select individual vehicles to locate in real time. The status of each vehicle selected will then be displayed on the map, helping you quickly see the position of that particular vehicle. The application is also capable of automatically saving records of each trip made when vehicles are driven from place to place. The Letstrak device will record the distance travelled, time spent driving/idling and other important engine diagnostic events which take place along the way. Such data can later be generated (within specific time periods) to verify driver location needed from the past or even the current route taken during the day.
Reports containing such information can also be downloaded to better understand the data or used for important decision making. For instance, mangers can obtain reports of fuel efficiency based on the route taken and whether the drivers were idling along the way. These reports can be scheduled to determine areas where drivers may be wasting fuel. Increase in fuel usage might occur at times when there is needless idling, unapproved vehicle usage and speeding. Managers can then eliminate irrelevant fuel expenses by using the Letstrak Limited real time GPS tracking device.
A few drivers may not like the idea of being monitored, but the overall savings of real time vehicle tracking device will be worth the potential dissonance. With live tracking we can help managers regulate scheduled vehicle maintenance, monitor drivers in real-time and verify log times of employees. All of these aspects are important to saving the company time and money allowing you to never lose sight of your vehicles, but instead effectively manage your fleet to eliminate labour costs and bring forth positive changes.

Should Parents Track Their Kids With Letstrak Tracking App?

Gone are the days when a teen could tell her parents that she’s going to the movies when she’s really sneaking away to a keg party.

GPS has moved into the realm of parenting, and today’s moms and dads can know exactly where their children are at all times.

Parents can download a program such as Letstrak onto their teen’s cell phone or they can install a device into their teen’s car. Letstrak collects data on the time and date for each car trip, distance, speed, hard accelerations and decelerations. The Letstrak tracker allows you to monitor your child in the car in real-time; the exact location of the car can be sent to your computer every 1, 2, or 5 minutes.

For younger children, there are small GPS units such as Letstrak GPS Child Tracker that you can stuff into backpacks and lunchboxes. The Little Letstrak will send you an alert when your little tyke leaves a designated area.

The new Letstrak GPS Child Locator Watch for kids ages 3 to 12 is designed to look like a real watch so a kidnapper doesn’t think to rip it off your child’s wrist. And if the watch is forcibly removed, an alert is sent to the parents’ cell phones detailing the child’s location. Parents can set up “safe zones”, and if kids stray, the watch will then automatically switch to “live track” mode and the child’s location is continuously monitored, updated and sent to the designated email as an address with postcode and a link to Google maps.

happy young woman in car driving on the road
car tracking device

With many of these GPS child-tracking programs and gadgets, you can watch your child’s movement on a map on a screen, whether it’s your computer, iPhone and Android. Most often you’re watching a little icon your child–moving around on a Google Map.

These parents are concerned about kidnappers snatching their preschoolers or they don’t trust their teenagers. They want to know when their kid who is playing outside leaves the driveway or walks across the street.

The Smallest GPS Tracking Device for Location Monitoring

There are several senior citizens who live alone even when it is not 100% safe for them. But in some cases nothing can be done about it. For instance, your father may be in one city and you could be in another city because your job demands so. If you know that your father has memory loss issues, you would be constantly worried about their safety and security. This can also happen when the two of you stay together – you will always have this lingering thought about your father’s safety when you are not home and probably at work. There are various types of GPS tracking devices that you can choose to keep track of your father’s movement. You can buy the smallest GPS tracking device so that your father is not even aware that you are able to track his location.
GPS tracking devices, as you may know, use satellites for identifying someone’s location. All the smartphones today have inbuilt location tracking systems and this is useful in returning web search results. However, if you need to track someone’s location, it is not easy for you to locate where their smartphone is. But when you buy a GPS device, you can do the tracking. The smallest GPS tracking device can be in the form of a pendant worn by a senior citizen at your home and this device will always let you know where your father is.
There are many cases of people getting lost and when you look at these cases, you will find that many of the lost people had issues with their memory. As people grow old, some of them tend to have issues with memory – some suffer from dementia and some suffer from Alzheimer’s and so on. Can you imagine something like this happening to a senior citizen at your home? You will be worried sick trying to find out where the person got lost. But all this will never happen if you choose the smallest GPS tracking device for children. There are different designs in GPS tracking devices and these can be used without the person using them being aware of the device.
Different people may have different opinions on the smallest GPS tracking device. For some, it could be a pendant and for others, it could be even a pen. What is important is that you choose an item that is used by the senior citizen frequently. So, you can choose a cell phone or a smartwatch, both of which are popular as GPS tracking devices and both are easy to carry on someone’s person. There are other options where you choose a device with an SOS button, which when pressed, sends out an alarm to you. You can then take the required action.
For the largest collection of GPS tracking devices, choose to shop online. If you want to buy the smallest personal GPS tracking device, the online stores are where you can make your selection from. Buy once and you can use forever.
There are plenty of options in GPS tracking devices ( ) for you to choose from. You may want to buy the smallest GPS tracking device ( ) and for this, you need to shop online.

Location Tracking App A Powerful Tool for Accurately Tracking Real Time Location

Nowadays, Businesses world over operate in a highly competitive environment. There is a high degree of expectation from each of their departments be it production, inventory, distribution, finance, sales, payroll, marketing, or any other business function. Each and every function & process needs to be streamlined and optimised in order to achieve operational efficiency and profitability. 

Additionally, it has to ensure that each employee, staff member or field force person is performing to the best of their ability. This essentially requires accurate and precise monitoring of their work schedule. With the use of advanced software tools and applications business entrepreneurs and managers can effectively monitor the performance and working schedule of their employees and staff members. One such tool which assists in optimising the work schedule of employees is a recently launched Location based Tracking Solution called Letstrak.

It can accurately track the real time location of employees, staff members, and field force and thus assists in actually improving their overall work efficiency. So, using Letstrak provides them with their location details and thus enables them additional tools to gauge and monitor their staff work schedule on a daily basis. It actually assists in knowing when and where they have been in their work schedule and so provides details which ease in their performance monitoring. So, it becomes a must have tool for any organisation and particularly those which have a field force or employees who require changing locations on a regular basis. 

Having said this, the Letstrak system is just not limited to track location details of only staff members and field force of organizations. It can also be used to even track location of family members, friends, and children. So, it can be an indispensable tool for parents who want to know the location details of their children. 

The Letstrak system has been designed for Android and iPhone device and is available to be downloaded Free as an Android and iphone Application in mobile devices. It uses GPS Technology for recording location details. However, when GPS is off it records Network tower location. 

Once installed and activated Letstrak starts receiving& recording GPS Coordinates of the Android or iphone Device. It displays the entire route covered by users. The location details is presented through maps and elaborate reports. This location data can be accessed using the comprehensive and easy-to-use web portal upon login. It works as a fully secured application and does not upload any personal information. The Letstrak GPS Location tracking App is reliable, accurate, and cost effective. 

Its Web portal features an easy-to-use interface and enables customers to easily access the location data. The web portal dashboard provides menu options such as activities, reports, masters and utilities. It also has the facility to add Fence Address. It displays location data through maps and reports. The reports provided include movement summary report, active users report, daily activity report, number of tour days report, distance coverage report, daily stoppage report, log report, daily status report, and much more. 

Thus, the LetstrakApp is an indispensable application for location tracking of employees, field force, staff members, family members, friends, and loved ones.

Letstrak is the First Advanced Mobile GPS Tracking Application (app)

Letstrak leading UK provider of live fleet vehicle tracking solutions and mapping features, announce the development of their first mobile application for portably monitoring an extensive fleet.
Letstrak are eager to extend the capabilities of their live tracking, mapping and reporting services for fleet management to more easily-accessible platforms, and cite the delivery of their mobile tracking app as the result of this ethos.
If business owners are inconveniently out of the office and therefore unable to check whether or not a vehicle in their fleet has arrived on time, with Letstrak new mobile application they can access their individual Letstrak account via Android on their iPhone device using either WIFI or the 3G mobile network.
This portable fleet tracking solution then enables users to browse and monitor the specific location of vehicles in their fleet, and keep a handle on whether vehicles are arriving on time whilst on the move themselves for maximum convenience.
“The face of fleet monitoring is changing so rapidly, and we believe that we are the first company offering such advanced tracking features from both a computer and mobile devices,” commented Letstrak Chief Executive Vikram Kumar. “Allowing the system to be accessed via a mobile device is only contributing to the convenience our fleet tracking solution offers, and as it is currently operating as a free feature for all current Letstrak users, we hope that this will encourage more businesses to consider incorporating our solutions as effective fleet monitoring techniques.”
A system that records the locations your fleet of vehicles visits throughout the day is an essential tool for optimizing your operational inefficiencies, helping you to reduce costs within your business and provide effective customer service.