Month: May 2016

Letstrak GPS Tracker Helps Parent – Child Relationships

In today’s increasingly dangerous world, all parents face a common struggle: trying to keep their children safe while still allowing them freedom. No parent wants to keep their children under lock and key until they reach adulthood; however, no parent wants to risk their child’s safety in the name of independence, either. So what’s the answer to this dilemma? How do parents, concerned for their children living in a dangerous world, balance this concern with their children’s need for independence? GPS tracking may provide the solution.
GPS tracking devices interact with satellites orbiting the earth. These satellites allow tracking units to transmit their exact location, which can be tracked by users on a map. Parents can use this technology to keep track of where their children are at any moment, either by keeping an up-to-the-minute watch on their children, or simply keep a log for perusal should a problem arise, providing a helpful extra set of “eyes” to keep tabs on a young person’s whereabouts.
These trackers can do more than simply providing that extra set of “eyes” and keeping your child safe. Among the benefits of using these devices, some parents have found that these GPS devices can enrich your relationship with your child. They encourage open communication and loving accountability. When your child may be facing potential danger, whether a long trip or going out with friends, the devices can stimulate conversation about what is and isn’t appropriate in a dangerous place or situation. Most importantly, you can make your child aware that someone cares enough about their safety to actively invest time and energy into checking on them.
An excellent example of personal GPS tracking devices took place this last Halloween. Parents everywhere recognized the benefits of these devices for their trick or treating children. No more worrying about an abducted or lost child, simply check the location on your tracker, allowing you child to have fun and independence and you to stay calm. The uses of these GPS devices aren’t limited to merely Halloween, either. In similar circumstances where your child might be on his own in unfamiliar or unsafe territory, consider a GPS tracking device.
We’re all trying to keep our good investments safe these days. Your children are your most precious investment; keep them safe and act before danger strikes. Take preemptive measures. When you invest now, you may be saving their lives later.

Vehicle Tracking Systems to Lower Maintenance Costs

Fleet vehicles tend to cover relatively large distances compared to privately owned vehicles, and ensuring that the fleet well looked after is important in keeping maintenance costs low. It makes sound economic sense to supply anyone within a company carrying out high business mileage with a vehicle. Whether it is a delivery van, a service and repair car or simply a management-use vehicle, supplying a vehicle is the easiest way to control and offset cost of ownership.
But owning a large fleet – depending upon business size – can bring as many problems as it solves, and not least the need to regularly maintain and upkeep them. Company vehicles are expect to run in tip top condition all of the time, and to experience breakdowns can have severe ramifications; a breakdown on-route to a customer can cripple your reputation and lose business.
All this means that you not only have to run a schedule of regular maintenance on your fleet, but you also need to analyse any special conditions that your vehicles may be subject to.
It goes without saying that regular steady motorway journeys are less strenuous on an engine that lots of short journeys or routes which play tunes on the gearbox. If you have vehicles that operate on short journeys, or regularly undertake torturous routes, then they are more likely to need an intensive sequence of service than those on longer routes.
This is where vehicle tracking systems can assist you. Using GPS tracking systems, you can keep track of the mileage and determine the rate at which a vehicle is deteriorating, then, using using one of the built in reporting tools that come with the package, produce organise a log of maintenance schedules.
A new vehicle will obviously be put onto your service and warranty plan, and the warranty in particular will require that you can prove that it has received maintenance as required or risk voiding the agreement. By keeping track of mileage with a suitable software package, you can take care of this requirement too, which further helps with the fast resolution of breakdowns and unexpected failures.
Once you factor in the benefits that you will see from well-tuned and perfectly running vehicles, using these ways of keeping track of your maintenance needs becomes essential to the running of fleet. Keeping track of your fleet maintenance requirements you can not only keep your vehicles in the best condition, but also prepare them for sundry routine requirements such as MOT’s and servicing needs.
By having a credible means of tracking your fleet mileage, you not only lower your overall vehicle running costs, but you also avoid most of those unfortunate breakdowns that can sap so much money from your organisation, and leave your reputation in tatters. Linking GPS to your bespoke fleet tracking software not only makes the task of recording mileage accurate and easy but also allows you to plan your preventive maintenance and keep your vehicles on the road for the maximum amount of time, and that can only mean increased profits.

Working of GPS vehicle Tracking System

vehicle tracking system

While GPS Vehicle Tracking System has been around for decades with numerous benefits, most people have a lot of myths or delusions about them. This prevents them from implementing the technology for their taxi / cabs fleet. Below given are some of the common delusions about GPS tracking systems.

About Vehicle Tracking GPS System

All drivers of taxi or cabs will quit if GPS Taxi/cabs Tracking System is implemented.

The system makes the job a very easier for vehicle motorists. Actuality it gives them additional safety too. If client has failed to get into the cabs or find at the designated stop, the information gets reported to the concerned authorities and call center. The GPS vehicle tracking system helps to provide roadside assistance. It also reduces the amount of paper work they are required to submit.

As you can see GPS vehicle tracking systems can be a quite indispensable tool to any fleet owner or manager who wish to make their fleet operating business more efficient and competitive. The cost-saving ability of vehicle monitoring with GPS systems has recently be proved with a Location and Service Fleet Management survey published by Aberdeen Group which reported that location aid services, such as GPS systems. Visit [] for more information about GPS vehicle tracking systems from fleet management system.

9 Most Important Criteria to Choose Children Tracking Systems

Children tracking system devices have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Why? That is so because a GPS tracker keeps worried parents informed about the whereabouts of their kids. It makes life increasingly stress-free 

for them. Now with the trend in India also changing with both parents working out of the house and children travelling on their own – school or otherwise – it has been noticed that there is an increase in demand for GPS Tracker device in India.

However before you settle on the type of device that you would like your child to have, take a note of the below pointers –

  • Age of your child – There are many types of devices that your choose from depending on the age of the child. For young kids below the age of 6, a kids’ tracking bracelet is the best option. For little older ones or young teenagers – a GPS watch would be ideal. Also for the responsible children above 12 years of age who are able to handle and take care of their belongings, a portable GPS tracker would be an apt choice.
  • Battery Life – Don’t invest your money in a child tracking system with a multitude of features. The prime reason being, a device with multiple features would exhaust the battery life soon. Keep in mind the pivotal function of the device should be able to precisely track the whereabouts of your kids. And if the device does just that, there should be no looking beyond.
  • Variance of information retrieval – It is up to you to decide whether you wish for a device that gives you information only in real time or whether you are looking for a device that lets you save the history data too.
  • Accuracy – Do not blindly invest your money on any tracking device. Read the reviews and instructions carefully. Buy a device that has the review of accuracy.
  • SOS Button – The GPS tracking device that you would be buying for your child should have an SOS button. It allows your child to reach you in a jiffy. This way you remain relaxed too.
  • Check the Rates of monthly fees – Any GPS tracker device in India requires you to pay a monthly fee. Whether it is GPS watches or portables, there is a monthly service fee. Check the rates to ensure that you are paying a nominal fee and are not being overcharged.
  • Compatibility – The GPS tracking device that you buy for your child should be compatible with your smartphone system – iOS, Android or Windows.
  • Buy devices that send alerts – An ideal GPS tracking device would send alerts to a preset mobile number when the child leaves or enters certain specified zones.
  • Extra Features – Check out some extra features if available with your device – MP3-player, medical alert, heart rate system alert, pedometer, etc.

The above 9 features would be sufficient to serve as guidelines when you choose a GPS tracking device for children. Go ahead and make a right choice!

Top 10 Benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking System for Logistics Company

In today’s fast moving world, the success of a transportation company depends greatly upon the smooth stream of items from the source of origin to the customers with zero damage. There are so many innovative innovations are being invented every day to enhance the integration and visibility of the customer support.
The logistics transportation is all about the every little thing from big space vehicles to GPS assimilation. All the leading organizations are entitled into boosting their logistics transportation system. To improve the effectiveness of the logistics with boosted services it is important to keep track of the vehicles, assets and the workforce with an end to end visibility.
Vehicle tracking system is an automated technology that allows the use of an electronic device installed in individual vehicles to know the fleet location. The system commonly uses GPS technology and the location can be viewed as an electronic map via the internet.
Benefits of vehicle tracking system:
  • The vehicle tracking system manages the efficiency of the fleet and helps in reducing the operational costs. It reduces the unnecessary fuel and maintenance costs by monitoring the driver behavior.
  • It reduces the driving time of the fleet by optimizing the driving routes and eliminates the misuse of the routes.
  • The system allows the business owners and the drivers to focus on first class customer services to their destinations.
  • It helps to maintain the whereabouts of the vehicle and helps the owners to monitor the activity of the drivers throughout the day. By maintaining the record, the workers productivity can be increased by exposing the unnecessary breaks.
  • It also gives the business owners to monitor the assets and provides the customers with the exact delivery time.
  • The accurate data of the system helps greatly in managing the profit and loss analysis to improve the budget preparation.
  • The improved monitoring system enhances the safety and security of the personnel by providing the two-way communication.
  • By having the whereabouts data of the employees, the business owners can have the control over their company.
  • The better route planning and the proper schedules will help you to provide better service and enables you to save money.
Many logistics organizations like Letstrak have their own vehicles and folks to pick the item from the origin and delivering it to the customers. They are specialized in analyzing your logistics systems and help you in providing a better solution. The GPS tracking system is not only for the large business but the solution for all business for a successful hit in the industry.

How GPS Fleet Tracking Helps Businesses to Stop Wasting Money

Whether you have been dealing with a quickly-evaporating budget or simply want to think ahead, saving money with regular business practices can be difficult. One thing you should consider when you start this endeavor is what modern technology will be useful. In this case, GPS tracking devices can actually be a great help. Here are some ways to use GPS trackers to help save your business money.

Save Money on Fuel for Fleet Vehicles

When you have a business with fleet vehicles that are used daily, one of your biggest expenses is fuel. GPS tracking system can help you reduce your fuel consumption in a number of different ways. One way is by using the tracking devices while you delivery drivers are working and to re-route them as needed. The re-routing is based on changes in their schedule, and gives them the fastest or shortest route. This can help to avoid unnecessary driving as the GPS tracking device can provide you with the best route.

GPS tracking devices can also help when you track individual vehicles or divers. You might notice that a certain vehicle is using up too much fuel, much more than your other vehicles, so you need to address that problem. There could also be a driver that uses the most fuel, perhaps due to high speeds or too much time sitting in idle when it isn’t necessary.

Improve Productivity by Workers

GPS trackers will also help you reduce your overall costs by improving productivity of your workers. With the re-routing function, you are not only helping to avoid unnecessary driving to reduce the fuel costs, but it helps drivers get the most done within a certain period of time. If one of your drivers has a last-minute delivery or pickup to get taken care of, you can easily program the new address into the GPS tracker to find the optimal route.

Get Regular Maintenance for Your Fleet

You might also be spending more money on getting your fleet vehicles repaired due to procrastination of (or lack of)maintenance. If you are having a hard time keeping up with your vehicle’s maintenance tasks, consider using your GPS tracking technology to help you. You can set up alerts for different tasks, such as bringing the vehicles in for a tune-up and oil change or having the tires inspected. By doing regular maintenance with these alerts, you can avoid more serious repairs later on.

Have Error-Proof Billing Practices

If you are still using the old style of payroll where your drivers list their hours driven manually, it is time to upgrade. GPS tracking of your employees and fleet vehicles can give you more accurate information. Have a separate tracker for every vehicle, and it will tell you exactly how long the truck was driving for business operations, how long it was parked, and how long it was idle. This can help when comparing log sheets to how long the vehicles were actually operating for work purposes.

How Tour Bus Companies Can Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking

The tour bus season is approaching, and if you own or operate a tour bus companies, you know you have a lot going on at any given time during the day. While most people in your position understand that GPS fleet tracking can help some people save money on fuel, when you have a set route that does not accommodate deviations, it may not really be feasible for you to make changes.

But, GPS fleet tracking provides so many more benefits than simple fuel conservation that will benefit tour bus companies greatly. Check out a few of them below.

Let’s You Know Where Your Busses are at All Times

Chances are good that you have multiple buses out running tours in different parts of your city and running the same tours at different times of the day. It can be quite harrowing to keep up with all your buses throughout the day. And it is something you need to know to make sure your drivers are where they’re supposed to be.

Keeps You on Top of Maintenance Needs

Poorly maintained buses are more likely to breakdown or become involved in accidents. Aside from that, they will need more frequent repairs and replacement – increasing the overall costs of each vehicle your tour bus company operates. 

GPS fleet tracking notifies you of the maintenance needs of vehicles to help keep your business running on all cylinders. Not only does this make economic sense, but it also reduces the likelihood of injuries and accidents related to poor maintenance which improves the safety record of your tour bus business.

Keep Up With Driver Behavior

Your drivers are what the public sees of your tour bus business. If they are driving aggressively, speeding, driving erratically, or otherwise endangering the lives of their passengers and others on the road, you need to know about it.

With GPS fleet tracking systems you can set up alerts to signal you through text or email when drivers are driving in any manner you select. This helps keep you up to date with what’s going on with your drivers to identify potential problems that need to be addresses.

GPS monitoring also allows you to check to ensure that drivers are making all the necessary stops on their routes as well – and at the right time so that tour guests aren’t missed when they arrive on time to the pickup locations. 

The bottom line is that tour bus companies, like yours, stand to gain a lot from GPS tracking  devices– much more than you see on the surface.