Month: June 2016

Vehicle Tracking Device getting Interesting Every Day

Vehicle Tracking Device

Vehicle tracking systems become more sophisticated with the changes in the technology. With the availability of a multitude of devices and methods of rolling out solutions, the sky is the limit for putting a GPS vehicle tracking device to proper use. From tracking precious cargo, protecting expensive equipment, keeping tabs on drivers and help keep vulnerable people safe; a Letstrak has versatile applications with its contemporary features and is an invaluable asset to industries across domains and individuals as well.

The applications of Letstrak catch us by surprise many a times and in unimaginable industries as well. Vehicle Tracking device add value to a business and helps it run more smoothly, efficiently and safely.

The most obvious and common major users of Letstrak are in the courier and delivery industry. Letstrak allows delivery companies to keep track of where their fleet of delivery vehicles is at any given time. This information is used to ensure that the efficiency of the drivers is up to the mark at all the times and that the cargo is safe as well.

Courier and Delivery

Courier companies also relay tracking information to customers who want to know where their parcels are. Letstrak also helps map the most efficient and quickest routes for the drivers to take.

Care for the Weak and Elderly

Vehicle tracking system finds an unusual and innovative application in the care of the elderly or weak citizens. This system is used to keep track of elderly or vulnerable patients prone to get lost because of memory problems and delusions. The location of these people is made available to care-givers and the partner enterprises who arrange for nearest support van to reach the person in question immediately to help them back to the safety of their homes.

School Bus

When it comes to offering transportation facility for school students what needs to be considered on a priority is the safety of the wards. By providing access to customizable GPS enhanced school bus tracking system; parents, school authorities as well as the transport agencies keep updated with the route, location and schedules of buses.

Applications in Personal Safety

Unfortunately, it seems that crime and violence are going to be a horrible reality for this and future generations. Personal Letstrak systems are already being used to enhance the safety of children and vulnerable adults. As Letstrak systems continue to become more affordable, it’s likely that they’ll be used even more for this purpose.


How Do You Find the Right GPS Fleet Tracking Solution for Your Business?

Selecting the right GPS fleet tracking solution for your business is not an easy decision or one to take lightly. With an increase in the number of solutions available in the marketplace, finding your way through the considerable amount of choices can seem a daunting challenge. Moreover, the functionality and feature set of each solution can differ and should depending on your company’s needs. A GPS vehicle tracking solution is not a “one size fits all” solution. The functionality that a small to medium sized business needs varies greatly compared to a large enterprise organization’s needs. Finding the right system for your business requires research of the available options and solutions.


As you can see GPS vehicle tracking systems can be a quite indispensable tool to any fleet owner or manager who wish to make their fleet operating business more efficient and competitive. The cost-saving ability of vehicle monitoring with GPS systems has recently be proved with a Location and Service Fleet Management survey published by Aberdeen Group which reported that location aid services, such as GPS systems. Visit [] for more information about GPS vehicle tracking systems from fleet management system.

Make Life Easy With Your Letstrak GPS Tracking System

instant messeging app

GPS or Global Positioning System is a modern technology which is used primarily for tracking the position of your object. The object can be anything from vehicles to human. The GPS as we know today is the evolution of the Long Range Navigation technology. Now-a-days, GPS system is implemented in almost every facet of human life.

Mobile phones:

The advancement of letstrak GPS can also be seen being used in the mobile phone industry. For instance, some of the latest mobile phones are based on 2G network. Today’s mobile phones use the Global Navigation Satellite system. The GPS receiver in the mobile phones catches the signal transmitted by the Global Navigation Satellite. This helps in determining the location, time and speed of the object.

Personal vehicles:

What works for a mobile phone also works for vehicles such buses, trucks, cars and even motorbikes. The Global Positing System technology is being predominantly used for tracking the position and movement of the vehicles. Using GPS vehicle tracking system in your vehicle helps you know the accurate route of your vehicle.

How GPS Can Help You Improve Your Personal Life:

In your car:

If you are driving a GPS automobile you are least likely to lose you way no mater wherever you go. With the help of GPS you can figure out where you are located at any particular point of time. As a result you save your precious time in wondering about you are located.

For your family members:

If you are one of those who always worry about their kids taking their car out, you can use the GPS in your car to track their movement no matter wherever they go. Similarly, if your parents or any family members are suffering from dementia and likely to get lost in their way back to home, you can use GPS in their vehicles which will help you tack their position and rescue them accordingly.

In your business:

If you are running a transport business and need to keep track of the drivers, GPS can do a world of good to your business. GPS system will help you find if your drivers are taking undue breaks or using wrong routes. Moreover, GPS will help you find the status of your shipment.

For your pets:

Are you a pet lover? Then use a GPS-based chip in your pet’s collar and rest assured that you pet it safe. You can let your pet roam freely enjoying its freedom. Even if it loses its way, it will be pretty easy for you to find it.

It’s not always easy to ensure you remember everything in the fast-paced life. To reduce the risk many people use Letstrak GPS Device where they feel its importance.

Why You Should Have GPS Vehicle Tracking in Your Car

Most of us must have seen commercials on GPS vehicle tracking and have some knowledge about how the system works. But it’s important you know how to operate it and find out its advantages before buying one for your vehicle.

GPS tracking systems come in very handy when your car is stolen. If you ever become a victim of car theft, then you’ll thank your stars if you have installed a GPS vehicle tracking system in your car. They will track the exact location, speed and direction of where it’s heading. They will inform the police of the exact location and you will get your car in no time.

What if you are lost and do not know a way out of the situation? You would need to press the sos button and you’ll have someone giving you directions right away. With a GPS tracking system installed in your car, you can never be lost. You will always find your way back!

You may find yourself in a situation where you’ve locked yourself out of your car, or your children are inside the car while you’re locked out. Sometimes you may not be able to locate your car in a crowded parking lot. In such cases, you can call the tracking system company and they’ll unlock the car for you or flash out lights and honk your car to locate your vehicle.

Letstrak GPS vehicle tracking is the best device if you are a teenager’s parent who’s taken your car out and you want to find out its whereabouts without actually talking to them or interfering with their plans. As long as they are at the mall or a movie theatre, you can relax.



Letstrak is a GPS based vehicle tracking system provider catering to various needs of tracking your vehicle be it two wheelers or four wheelers.

When your fleet and your people are on the road, time is literally money. The more efficient and productive each stop can be, the better your bottom line. State of the art fleet tracking technology from Letstrak can optimize every service call by providing a wealth of valuable data about your vehicles and your drivers – bringing that information instantly to your fingertips.

Letstrak products come with loads of features, alarms, and reports of the travel. They provide effective software and hardware solutions for vehicle tracking system.

With the vehicle tracking system from Letstrak, you can monitor various aspects like fleet productivity, the safety of the passengers, and theft recovery and they have customer service to take care of any queries.

With many instances of the safety of passengers being questioned, a vehicle tracking system is welcome in India. A robust technology and support for the product offered for tracking of vehicles, a strong management can be implemented. Letstrak is providing solutions for mining, sand, cold-chain, dairy logistics, oil and gas carriers, employee transport, schools pick and drop monitoring, radio cabs, public transport and lots more. All of this can be monitored by three applications – Desktops, Web-based PC or Laptop and Mobile App.

Letstrak Added Lots of Features to its Existing GPS Tracking Solution

Letstrak Limited is one of the leading companies in United Kingdom offering a range of GPS tracking solutions. The company based in Broadway, London has added lots of features to its existing software and they seem very excited at offering an even better solution for businesses in United Kingdom, Pakistan and India with the upgraded solutions.

Speaking to the media, the official speaker for the company said, “We at Letstrak are always looking to offer the very best in asset tracking, vehicle and fleet tracking and GPS tracking with our systems and solutions. The upgraded system offers the latest 2G, 3G and 4G technology that allows for real time tracking on the go.” He further added, “Letstrak strives for customer satisfaction and would never try to sell a solution to a company unless we were completely certain that it would benefit them, it is one of the reasons why we have built a long term business relationship with our customers.”

There’s a long list of features that come with the new updated GPS tracking device and software. One of the key features of the new solution is that the customer will get constant information available on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile (Android and iOS). Real-time alerts on reckless driving, speeding, entering/exiting zones alerts, etc along with unlimited SMS, Emails and system alerts.

Clients can create sub-accounts for managers to login into the system and do fleet tracking, create reports and sent/receive SMS as well.

The company currently has a promotion for a limited period offering 10% off coupon code for clients who visit the website and share their interest by entering their email address. Just enter your name and your email address and enjoy benefits of 10% off all GPS tracking products on the website.

Letstrak offers a no strings attached 30 day trial to businesses throughout United Kingdom and India. This allows you to test out the system and make sure it is the right one for you before you proceed with your purchase.

One of the best Security Products for your Cars

You can spy on your vehicle with the help of GPS monitoring system, GPS fleet tracking system, GPS monitoring device you can use as a GPS personal tracking system.

Our company is always wanted to help you and provide you the best possible solution for the security of your vehicle.We offer a wide range of high standard Car GPS Tracking Device or fuel monitoring system. From the first day of our formation the first aim of our company is to satisfy our clients by providing them satisfactory services from the day of our establishment.

At Letstrak we are continued to offer large variety of advanced GPS trackers like as Gps Fleet Tracking System and many other. All of our products are well tested by experts. We provide online gps tracking software for the convenience of the users. It allows the users to keep track of their vehicles every time which is proved to be very useful from a common man to a company. All of our products are of high standard and are tested and certified by the professionals.

Our company always ready to help you in every possible ways. We ensure that we provide tracking and software which are completely reliable for you. All of our software and products are of newest technology. The main priority of our company is the requirements, feedback and convenience of the user. We are dedicated to help our customers any way possible hence we offer 24 hours service to all our clients. To choose from the high standard products, you can simply log on to our web site