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Letstrak GPS Trackers Help Alzheimer’s Patients

If you happen to know someone who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and you are the caregiver, then you have landed on the right page. A simple GPS Tracker could save an Alzheimer’s patient from serious injury, or getting lost.

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia erase a person’s memory so that familiar surroundings become unfamiliar, making it difficult for them to adapt to new environments. The disorientation of the disease often leads to wandering, getting lost or apt to walk into a dangerous situation. There are now new solutions to address wandering and help keep your loved one safe and secure. One way to end wandering in seniors with Alzheimer’s is to use a GPS Tracker

Regardless of the patient being kept at home or in a shelter, the GPS tracking devices enable them to keep their independence. Not only has this but the caregiver along with the rest of the friends and family had a reassurance at all times that the patient is absolutely safe. As a caregiver, all you have to do is make use of the live GPS tracking platform or the mobile app facilities and with a touch of a button you’d be able to know the whereabouts of the patient. With the all new talk mode in a few of the latest devices, you can also communicate with the patient via the device.

With the use of the Personal GPS Trackers on Alzheimer’s patients, taking them on an excursion trip or at an outdoor party gets stress free as well. Since you can locate them on the map in case of them straying away, you can enjoy the trip or the party in an appropriate fashion. Real Time GPS Tracking enables you to define an area parameter for your loved one. As soon as the patient steps out of it, the alarm goes off and you’ll immediately know that the wearer is staying away in order for you to go get them.

In the light of the information mentioned above, it can almost be taken for granted that the utilization of a GPS tracking device on an Alzheimer’s patient doesn’t only have a huge range of benefits to offer but can also be taken as a necessity to ensure their safety and security. If you are a caregiver of one such patient, it would be a commendable option to make use of such a device and make your life remarkably stress free.

Letstrak provides reliable GPS Trackers and an easy to use Live GPS Tracking Platform.


Letstrak GPS Tracker – 5 Reasons to Consider One

Many parents wonder if they should adopt a Letstrak GPS tracker app or service. There are many benefits to using a Family GPS Tracker like Letstrak, but we know parents can always use a little more justification.

Here are the top five reasons why our customers use a Letstrak GPS tracker like Letstrak, in addition to a few tips on what separates the better Letstrak GPS tracker apps.

1. Worry Less

The first and most obvious benefit of a Letstrak GPS tracker app is the way it provides parents peace of mind. By easily knowing where your kids are without having to call, parents can get the information they need to ease some anxiety. You may even look like less of a nag by not interrupting social hang out time to simply check in with your kids.

2. Get to Your Kids Quickly

A Letstrak GPS tracker app allows parents to know where their kids are in the case of an emergency, an unexpected or uncomfortable circumstance. A parent can start heading toward their child’s location immediately.

3. Know if They Go Somewhere They Shouldn’t

One very basic function of a Letstrak GPS tracker app is letting parents know if a child has strayed from established boundaries to places that could be dangerous. A Letstrak GPS tracker with alerts is particularly useful for accountability.

4. Know When They Leave

A good Letstrak GPS tracker can also let you know when your kids have left a location. For instance, with Letstrak, parents can set the Drop-Off alert to notify them when their child leaves their current location.

5. Give Them an Emergency Lifeline

One of the most important components of a Letstrak GPS tracker app is protecting the kids. GPS apps that give kids an easy panic button to inform parents that there is an emergency, and they need help are by far the best options.

When you are looking for a gps locator for kids, you should look for a few features. Accuracy is important; being able to track your kid’s as close to accurate location is half the point, as is continuous tracking without the app closing or having intermittent location tracking times. A minimal cost to battery life is also important though most all location services app have some affect on battery life. Easy to view maps, detailed views and historical views are all good qualities in an app. Apps that provide parental alerts are usually the best saving parents time from having to always open the app.

Letstrak packs all of these features into one easy to use Letstrak GPS tracker app. We developed the Letstrak app to give parents the widest range of options possible in a simple interface. We’ve built the app with protecting our children top of mind and always honoring families.

We Help You decide Which GPS Tracker To Buy For Your Child

Kid Locate reviews Child Location and Kid Tracker technologies with an honest voice. Whether you are looking for a GPS Tracker, Phone Tracking App, Tween or Teenage Child, Kid Locate can help you get past the marketing spin and hyperbole and find a solution that might actually work for you and your kids.

Read Product and Device Reviews, find out about the latest and best devices on Our Blog, investigate our GPS Tracker and Child Location products, share your experience with other Parents and Carers by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s a modern world full of technology. Parents have plenty of associated dilemmas with their children. Most of us want our children to enjoy the freedoms of childhood, but cannot completely ignore the paranoia exploited by modern media. Some of these Child Location devices if used realistically and sensibly, provide some peace of mind, allowing parents to afford their children some of the freedoms we enjoyed when we were kids ourselves.

Some of the Best GPS Tracking Devices for the Elderly

Elderly imageIt’s hard to see a loved one age, and it’s our responsibility to ensure their safety. Whether it’s remembering doctor’s appointments, monitoring a loved one’s need for independence, or handling a cognitive disorder, modern technology can help keep track of a family member or friend and eliminate worrying.

Give yourself peace of mind with the Letstrak GPS Tracker. Using advanced GPS technology, family and friends can now keep track of loved ones suffering from cognitive disorders, or independent relatives approaching their final years of driving. Whether you want to prevent wandering or being lost, ensure they’re safely in or around their home, make scheduled doctor visits, or another application, the Letstrak is an extremely valuable device that can help you.

Because wandering can be so dangerous and even life-threatening, GPS tracking devices for dementia patients are a great option to provide peace of mind for the sufferer and caregiver alike. These tracking devices have become an increasingly good way to reduce wandering overall and keep elderly loved ones safe.

Get peace of mind and keep your loved one safe with these GPS tracking devices for dementia patients. These products are a must-have that can potentially save a life.

Letstrak GPS Tracking Devices for Children

gps tracking device
Every parent’s biggest concern is the safety of their children. Most parents agree the benefits of tracking children between ages 3 and 19 or children with special needs are irrefutable.

If your child is young enough to get lost, or has a cognitive disease, adopting the Not Your Child Protection & GPS Device as a part of your family will give them the added security they need and you the peace of mind you desire. Our lightweight, small, wearable GPS trackers can be worn with our custom made -safe break away – lanyard, however the two loop design allows them to wear the gps with their own belt, a belt clip or an arm band. Our device is small and light enough to be worn comfortably in pants/ jacket pockets, or knapsacks. Just because they are out of sight doesn’t means you shouldn’t be able to see where they are.

Being a parent is hard enough, and keeping up with our children’s activities is challenging but necessary. Your Child Protection & GPS Device is an intelligent tool to be used by your whole family. Think of us as your little helper, a welcomed new addition to your family.

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