Month: August 2016

Car Tracking For a More Efficient Fleet and a Higher Quality of Service

Letstrak improves the operational efficiency of your fleet by utilizing real-time GPS car tracking device. However, unlike other tracking services, Letstrak actually works for you. The platform is intuitive and fully customizable, so you get exactly what you need for the price you can afford.

Letstrak offers a wide range of car tracking options, allowing you to pick and choose only what your fleet needs. In contrast to other tracking services that tie you into long-term equipment leases, with Letstrak you own your equipment. There are no contracts or lengthy commitments.

Letstrak saves you time, money and frustration by doing the work for you. The cloud-based software monitors your cars around the clock from anywhere and allows you to set alerts for when your attention is needed, so you can spend more time running your business.

Some of the features that help you take control of your fleet include:
Information Updates Every 5 to 10 Seconds
Easy to Read Vehicle Identifiers
Intuitive, Easy to Use Dashboard

Letstrak makes it easy for you to take control of your fleet, regardless of the number of vehicles, and is more than just vehicle tracking device. With Letstrak, as well as a support team and a wealth of resources to help you at every step of the way. Contact us today to find out how Letstrak can cut your operational costs, increase your bottom line and streamline your business with the least amount of effort.


Keeping Your Car Safe on a Budget with Letstrak GPS Trackers

Our vehicles are some of our most expensive assets, and everybody is concerned with protecting such a costly and expensive investment. GPS vehicle tracking systems are a valuable tool for protecting your automobile from theft, or assisting in the recovery of your vehicle after an incident has occurred. Plus, they don’t have to come at a great expense to you either.


The obvious benefit to installing GPS tracking into your car or van is both to deter thieves from stealing your vehicle in the first place, because they understand how easy it is to trak and locate due to your ability to know exactly where your car is located at any given moment. Additional benefits to implementing a GPS tracking device into your car can include significant insurance policy discounts, saving you money and adding an extra security feature for young and inexperienced drivers, or for people travelling alone.

A Range of different trackers

There are a wide variety of GPS tracking devices designed specifically for vehicles, and they are available to suit any consumer’s needs, and to accommodate any budget. Tracking devices are available in both wired and wireless versions, offering flexibility and easy installation. The most complex wired models only require a few minutes for complete installation, with the only necessary equipment being the device itself, an assisted GPS antenna for additional signal strength, and a laptop or mobile device that can be used for tracking information. Some consumers may appreciate the versatility of magnetic devices as they can be moved from car to car, with the ease of simply sticking the magnetic device on whichever vehicle you prefer.

Features of GPS Tracking

GPS tracking devices offer users a wide range of features, as well as user friendly interfaces for monitoring that are easily accessible from any PC, laptop, tablet or Smartphone with convenient apps and easily accessible websites. This allows device owners to continuously monitor the location of the vehicle, as well as data on the date, time and location of the car and speed it travelled. Owners are also able to set up boundaries and fences that will immediately alert you when crossed making it easy to keep track of where your vehicle is going. This makes a GPS tracker not only an excellent tool for deterring thieves and relocating the vehicle, but also as a valuable personal safety and occasional driver-monitoring tool.

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