Month: November 2016

Letstrack – Best GPS Tracking Device & Messaging App

Letstrack! We Believe is the best GPS Tracking device available today! Being the best available device, it offers a messaging application as well for the tracking purposes.

Letstrack classifies itself into two such categories which are tracking and chatting. Tracking can be done in either of two ways, one is through device to mobile and the other one is mobile to mobile.


The first category utilizes the device for the tracking purposes. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) who do not wish to give their children a smartphone can benefit with such a kind of device. To make the best use of such a device they could use the application on their smartphone and could connect it to the device.

The other such option is chatting. All the users should have the application downloaded (Free) on their smartphone and they can easily track each other’s location just by sending/accepting tracking requests.

There are many other features that Letstrack, We believe, the best tracking device & Messaging App offers, namely:

Tracking via Device

  • Tracing all members of your family.
  • Keep your loved ones safe.
  • Accurately locating the sites of your drivers/employees if you own your own Cab/Bus Service, or business

Tracking via Smartphone

Should a Device not be practical or available, then it is easy and cost effective to utilize the smartphone as their tracker/GPS receiver.

By installing the Letstrack application your device becomes a fully functional GPS tracking device. Therefore, make your own smartphone a personal tracking device or just use a standalone device if the concerned person has no access to a smartphone.


Reduce the risk of your Bike being stolen with Letstrack Tracking Device & App


Now you can track your bike with an efficient and effective GPS tracking system. Locate your assets instantly with the Letstrack tracking device & app which has always proved to be best as we believe protect your bike from being stolen.

Now, Letstrack offers two different categories of tracking your bike and these two categories are differentiated on the basis of the usage of phone & devices.

Undoubtedly showing all the features within the two categories,


Phone to Device

Just buy a device and install it on your bike while, the person who wants to track would install the app on his phone to track the concerned asset.

Phone to phone

This design is way too easy to use. You just need to install the app on the smartphone of the person who is going to track and the person who will be tracked also. Moreover both of would be able to track each other with ease.

By and large, as the issues are arising the techies are developing new innovative ideas to overcome them. Leave your responsibility to protect your bike from being stolen with Letstrack tracking device & app and live your professional as well as personal lives in peace.