Month: December 2016

Save and Earn with Letstrack Safety Devices & App

Safety being the highest priority is the major concern in today’s scenario. With the idea of safety, Letstrack lets you earn as well as save money. There are several value-added features that allow you to save & earn money.

People who own a travel company, cab or bus or any other service can be at a huge advantage by the use of this feature of Letstrack tracking devices & app.


In the first place, Letstrack allows a feature that lets you save money is through the app. The app calculates all the average of the vehicle in which the device is connected.

Some of the chief factors are namely:

  • Distance calculation
  • Speed average
  • Maximum speed calculation
  • Fuel consumption
  • Number of stops
  • Calculation of average stops
  • Engine ON/OFF time and a lot more

All of these features are displayed on a single screen for you to see the average.You can easily manage your sales and increase your savings by the use of this value added feature. It could prove as a valuable asset for your company in the management of your sales.

Another feature that allows earning money is with the “Let’s Earn” feature. You can earn up to Rupees 200/- by referring the Letstrack GPS tracking devices and app to your friends, family and employees.

All in all the only need is to download the app to your smartphone from the play store or apple store if you have an iPhone (data charges may apply). By this, you can earn and save money too.

Safety with ease in the business is always assured at Letstrack!

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UK Based IoT Startup – LetsTrack Launches in India

Letstrack, a revolutionary App to App and App to Device solution that goes way beyond just ‘whereabouts’ but also helps you gather quality information that can help you strategize, plan, manage and optimize things you do in your everyday life launches in India. Letstrack announces launch of its App and Devices in India for B2C and B2B consumption that will change the way we do things in our everyday lives.

Started and based at Stratford, East London UK, with a vision to make our society safer, happier and more productive, Letstack is reshaping and reorienting utility of Internet and technology (IOT) to next level.

Letstrack provides analyzed and crystallized practical, quality information served on our Smartphones, Web Browsers and Emails in forms of push notifications, updates, reports and live feeds through easy to understand info-graphics and text for everyday consumption so as to benefit from it with ease. Women and Child Safety, Automobile safety and optimization, Team and Fleet Management are few of the top concerns that will get immediate benefit, support and application from Letstrak App and Devices solutions.

Lestrack Kido, Letstrack Personal Tracker, Letstrack Bike Series, Letstrack Basic+ and Letstrack Prima are few of the key Devices, which are now available in India at prominent online portals, neighborhood Mobile & Accessories Stores and big Electronic & Gadget Retail Chains.

Be it your bike, car, yacht, or any other vehicle or even tracking your children to and from school, tracking systems can have eyes on everything you hold dear. The uses are endless.

Commenting on the launch, Mr Vikram Kumar, Founder and CEO, LetsTrack said, “We need tracking everyday and everywhere. The goal is to make it accessible and expedient to families and businesses. Our vision is to make world safer, happier and more productive.”

Letstrack is a cutting-edge futuristic, progressive and intuitive app and device combination, which will help you in improving safety & security, enhance happiness, reduce worry and concern in all walks of your life.


Be Safe and Secure with Letstrack GPS Tracking System


One of the major questions these days is of safety! Being safe and secure is our biggest priority. This can be assisted with the help of Letstrack GPS tracking system. GPS trackers supplied by Letstrack are not limited to safety only, they go way beyond it. From providing the required safety to maintaining the record of the tracking history Letstrack offers all this to you.

Safety starts withUS!

Yes, safety starts with us. We need to save ourselves before any other person thinks about saving us. With this in mind, we will be safe before any insecurity reaches us.

With attention to only and only safety, Letstrack provides safety features in two ways. The very first way to secure is app via device and the second one is app via app.

App via Device

Buy device & download the app and connect the app to GPS tracking device and track person having tracker via app.

App via App

This method is highly cost effective. Both people who want to track and the person who would be tracked need to download the app. Both persons can track each other by sending/receiving tracking requests.

Using safety devices always proves as a benefit to you once you implement them. The devices that Letstrack provides are chiefly:

All the features offered in devices differ on the basis of their usage. Be it a small child, a teenager, a woman, a man or a senior family member. Letstrack has GPS trackers for everyone.

Enhance happiness, increase safety measure and be safe & secure with Letstrack GPS tracking system!

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Safety is First! Safety is Always!


In this challenging era, the need is to stand out and perform your best is paramount. But problems may arise when we are concerned about our loved ones. This concern can be overcome if we prevent the danger before it reaches us. And this can be achieved through the use of GPS tracking devices.

A forerunner of GPS trackers is Letstrack which offers tracking devices based on the needs of the individuals. It does not only protect you but your valuable assets such as your car, bike etc. as well.

Letstrack tracking devices:

Letstrack Personal

Letstrack Basic Series

Letstrack Bike Series

Letstrack Plug & Play

The only need to use these devices is to purchase your device, and then download the FREE app from your Google play store/apple store.

With attention to people who want to track their loved ones but do not have access to a smartphone could benefit by the use of these devices as they fit discreetly in vehicles or can be placed in a bag or attached to belts. The Letstrack app can help you to optimise your sales as the app displays all vehicles’ summary such as fuel consumption, the number of stops, average speed and much more in just a single screen for you.

Moreover, people who want to follow the cost-effective criteria could install FREE Letstrack app on both the smartphones and could send/receive tracking requests in just an instant.

With all the safety requirements in mind the experts at Letstrack design the tracking devices with unique features, notably:

Zone alert

Enabling you the power to track your concerned ones with the zone limits, this feature allows you to track the concerned person’s entry/ exit along with their journey.

Real-time Tracking

With this feature, you can track your loved ones worldwide in real time.

24 Hour History

This feature is beneficial for the people who do not get much time to keep an eye on the tracking in real-time by checking the history option.

Speeding Alert

It sends alerts to the person who is tracking that the person with the tracker is exceeding a specified speed limit.

Together with these benefits some of the GPS trackers display unique features based on their use such as panic alerts which allows the person in danger to send panic alerts instantly and multiple cars switching which lets the user use that tracker in different cars whenever in need.

At the end, with all of these factors Letstrack assures the safety of its users with the motto “Safety is first! Safety is always!”