Letstrack Vehicle GPS Trackers for Safety & Security

Letstrak-GPS-Tracker-Basic-1Since we announced our GPS technology, individuals have asked if is it possible to have a device that could be removed and switched in other vehicles. People even questioned to have devices that offer real-time GPS tracking with time and geofence specific features. To answer these queries, Letstrack which is GPS-tech based IT startup offers devices for tracking.

Letstrack offers GPS devices for tracking of people with the unique features to answers all the question of its customers. Letstrack plug & play is the device that provides multiple cars switching facility to fulfil customer demands.

Our team has believed since day one that we may create more devices that work on traditional GPS that would be more power efficient, lower cost, discreet, global connective and end in smaller device sizes. This device helps to recover everything from purloined cars to lost ones.

Thanks to the think tanks of Letstrack who are integrated to each other to provide the best service to all its customers. Observing the business we now are on a “thanks” mission to our customers who are using our technology and liking it while revolutionising our business.

Much more safety to come! Happy safety!


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