Month: May 2017

Real Time GPS trackers for Kids and Loved One’s


Now the time has arrived when GPS can be utilized in numerous ways as well to track the route of our passages. One of the affluent features of real-time GPS trackers is its use for the kids and loved ones. The ideal GPS tracker for active family members is Letstrack. It keeps the track of your loved ones and tracks their location in the shortest span of time.

The GPS trackers are made by keeping in mind the requirements of the concerned person. Give an eye to the different trackers made:

Tracker for kids

Letstrack provides funky trackers for children’s use that interests them and protects them as well.

Trackers for female family members

Some vulnerable females may feel no need to be tracked however they may not understand the potential risks this is where Letstrack works.

Trackers for senior family members

Some of the senior family members may find themselves in a distressing situation; here the Letstrack GPS tracker helps them by giving them the option to send alert signals to their active family members by the use of unique SOS feature.

Trackers for pets

Our pets are family! As well as inquisitive and may be lost easily, especially when exploring new localities. Letstrack assists all pet owners to track their pets, by providing GPS tracking devices that can be worn on the collar.

This Real Time GPS tracker for Kids and Loved One’s helps you to ensure the safety of your loved ones by tracking them with time specification, allowing even further functionality. The feature of time specification is up to you for the use. Make sure your loved one’s protection with Letstrack! Safety Guaranteed!



Use of GPS for Children and Women!


A major concern that comes to our minds, whenever we think about our family members is of safety, especially when it comes to the children and vulnerable of our family.

These days, safety is a major concern for our loved ones. Everyone wants to achieve goals in their life, as do the children, women and vulnerable within our family. We should not deter them from achieving their life goals. Rather than restricting their movement within their social and professional lives, we can now utilize GPS tracking devices to track them in real time with minimum impact on their lives.

Not everyone owns a smartphone (children/elderly Etc.) & sometimes these are just not a viable option. These days some women, even assets and pets would significantly benefit from the option of standalone tracking devices.

Younger children without smartphone access could benefit significantly by the usage of such GPS devices which could be carried within their bags. Children are inquisitive by nature, and should they explore out of their comfort zone you have the added peace of mind that this kind of GPS tracking device offers.

GPS tracking could be used for women as well.These kinds of devices could help to track their location if in case they find themselves in any kind of trouble.

Tracking our loved ones is not just a necessity for us but it is our responsibility. Once it was used to track our routes to where we want to go but in this modern era, it could be used for safety and security purposes as well.

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