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Monitor your employees with Letstrack GPS Tracking Device

Monitor your employees with Letstrack GPS Tracking Device.jpgEvery business’ priority is to earn maximum profits & profits are directly related to high productivity and the only way to get high productivity is when your employees deliver the finest results they can at all time. With GPS tracking system businesses are able to keep a tab on employees in real-time, reducing wasted time & leading to high performance.

GPS tracking system for employees gives management the information that they need to have better control of their workforce and helps them to formulate strategies accordingly. Letstrack GPS devices come with a real-time tracking feature. There are multiple benefits of using Letstrack GPS tracking device that can lead to more efficient, more productive workforce.

Real-Time Tracking Data

Lestrack GPS system enables you with real-time tracking, which allows a user to view the current location of employees. You can also check their active/inactive status & attendance trends from Letstrack Web dashboard. This specific feature is only for the administrator, also enables you to add as many employees as you like!

Saves Costs

Letstrack helps companies to save costs by managing & providing its employee attendance records & maintains transparency. It provides daily/monthly attendance details in excel format sharing the info of which employee was not active on working hours & which means salary deductions & that leads to saving of cost. Also, it enables you to prevent false attendance, you can keep an eye on proxy attendance.

Analytics & Visualizations

Our platforms stores a lot of data on daily basis and these data are accessible to the management in the form of rich analytics & visualization. Letstrack also provides automated reports for you to download at the click of a button. Simple & easy to understand the data, so that you can formulate better business strategies.

Offline Support

Poor connectivity in a developing nation like India happens on daily basis but no need to worry, Letstrack brings you a solution. All your precious work will be stored locally on your device & automatically will be synced with the dashboard whenever you re-connect to the internet.

GPS tracking system is very beneficial & it can help business reduce costs and increased productivity. That often makes a business competitive, an important component of success in today’s business world.

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We Believe the Best Free Real Time GPS Tracking App for Android/iOS – Letstrack

letstrack service

Gone are the days when GPS was only used being to track the routes for journeys. Now the time has arrived when GPS could be used in numerous other ways. One of the best applications used for tracking our loved ones is Letstrack!

Letstrack, we believe is the best free real-time GPS tracking app for Android/iOS offers the most affluent features.

The main feature is the real-time GPS tracking. The real time tracking feature helps you to track the concerned person in front of your eye while resting at one place with/without the feature of time specification.

Letstrack regarded by some as the best free real-time GPS tracking App for Android/iOS could be used by downloading FREE to your smartphone. The person who is tracking and the person who needs to be tracked would need to install this application also.

Most worthy, it helps you to track and monitor the positions of your loved ones without using the GPS tracking devices, just their smartphone. It can even update you within a short span of time as the person being tracked enters/exits the specified (requested) area.

Keeping our loved one’s safe is our main concern and in a case when a standalone device is not available The Letstrack app is all you need!

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Letstrack – GPS trackers that are best for personal use

Problems that we face regarding unsafe issues are increasing day by day. In order to curb such issues, Letstrack offers safety GPS tracking devices and app for everyone. One of these devices is Letstrack personal.

Letstrack personal is specially designed for your loved one’s safety and security. We are always concerned with our near and dearest but they can’t be tied. We all need and want to explore.

Firstly, children are inquisitive by nature they always want to search for new places and this is where this device works for those who worry about them. This device can track their location with the specification of zone alerts which lets you keep an eye on their location as well as entry & exit times.

Secondly, women and senior family members can be in danger at times and this sort of device can also work for them. The best part is they can send panic alerts to the person who is tracking them by just pressing the SOS emergency button.

As rated by our trusted customers Letstrack becomes the best all round GPS tracker.

Selected Specifications of the Letstrack personal are as such:

  • Real-time tracking
  • 24 hours history
  • Fall notification
  • SOS alarm and much more

Moreover, track your nearest and dearest throughout the world as there are no zone limits and you can create your own specific zones. You can even review the locations visited by the option of 24 hours history which allows you to check on the tracking that may have been missed out by you.

 Ensuring you all the peace and safety always with Letstrack!

Letstrack – Loved Ones Tracking Solutions for Safety


Love watching stars at night? Or feeling mountain breeze? But afraid due to the insecurities lying ahead? Be it mountains, long roads, open grounds whatever they are. Never be afraid of being what you always are.

Being a traveler is a part of us which overpowers us with curiosity. But being in a strange land is not what our gut feeling always allows. Relying on strangers’ words could be a risky thing to do. When we are far from home, away from loved ones in the strange land, in between strange people the real thirst for exploring begins.

In strange lands we require cozy places sometimes to rest and sometimes to be ourselves, where peace of mind can succumb to us; these can’t be done by trusting strangers. A hotel might give a cozy bed to rest and some hot water to bath but it never feels like home when we know that insecurities can capture us.

In order to overcome such fear of insecurities, Letstrack has designed safety devices that help you on your journey to self via road to safety.

Safety devices offered:

Take the device that suits you best according to your travel needs. This kind of joy with safety makes the trip memorable and you have plenty of good memories to take back home.

Quoting John Keats: A thing of beauty is a joy forever! So why miss the beauty of joy which is forever, ever & ever. Enjoy the beauty of nature around you, be yourself all time and explore a new self with safety surrounding you.

So, if you are a home away and fear that danger might reach you then grab the devices that are always present to keep you safe from insecure surroundings.

Be safe! Be you!

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GPS Tracking Device For Kids and Loved Ones


Caring about our kids and loved ones become challenging for us with our highly busy schedules. Knowing where they are all the time can be intimidating for them but they can’t be protected without knowing the location.

The use of GPS tracking device makes it easy to track and keep our near & dear ones safe. The device for personal use is designed with an intuitive interface having a battery backup of 20-22 hours once fully charged. These devices prove best for people who are too young to carry a phone, people with autism, rationally impaired ones and old-age people etc. who feel powerless in the case of any possible danger.

GPS tracking device comes up with the idea of global connectivity and being light in weight, they could be placed in a bag or fasten to a belt easily. With the ‘ease of use,’ it provides SOS panic button that initiates signals of alerts when long pressed in case of dangers. With this, these types of trackers also allow zone alerts, speeding alert like features which becomes an add-on for the users of this device.

Tracking kids!

Tracking our kids has become a matter of necessity for us. It allows the parent(s) to track the location of kids in real-time. This sort of device is very helpful for the mischievous children.

The major benefits that tie together:

• Track kids for safety purposes.
• Could track kids and save them from taking wrong paths.
• Increase child’s confidence by being with them all the time.
• Trace kids whereabouts without letting them know.

This sort of personal tracking device helps you to be a know-all of your kid’s whereabouts.

Tracking loved ones!

We know that “prevention is better than cure” but never follow it. It is good to be safe before insecurities attack which could be done by the use of GPS devices for tracking. The use of GPS devices gradually becomes a different platform of ‘communication’ with which we communicate with the location of loved ones constantly and that too in real-time.

Hence gather with the new view of the world by participating in the technological revolution and making the world a more connected and safer place.

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Power of GPS Tracking Devices of Letstrack


GPS tracking devices are the best way to protect and track individuals’ locations. Be it our loved ones, colleagues or employees. The installation of GPS trackers becomes an investment for us the more we invest today the more we are going to get in future.

Tracking devices work to protect us all. They let us keep a keen eye on all the people we want to track. They also assist us to strategize, plan and optimize the management of the company.

The various ways in which it protects us by providing a different type of devices based on the different needs of the people. The features of these devices differ on the basis of the need for each and every device.

The devices that Letstrack offers are:

Letstrack Personal

This device is made for the personal/individual user. Children, teenagers, senior family members or women can make use this device for their protection.

Letstrack Basic Series

It is made for four-wheeled vehicles. It could be used for personal as well as professional use, based on the individual needs.

Letstrack Bike Series

Letstrack bike series is made to support two-wheeled vehicles. All types of two wheelers such as a scooter, scooty, any bike can be tracked by the use of this device.

Letstrack plug & play

Plug & play is an upgraded version of basic series. This device is also used for four-wheelers but it provides some additional features.

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Safety For One! Safety For All!


Safety is the first word that comes to our mind these days whenever we think about our loved ones. We want to keep them safe in all the walks of life.

There are many ways to track our loved ones but one of the most common uses is via GPS tracking devices and the GPS tracking app of Letstrack. Letstrack offers several tracking devices and an app that acts as a huge advantage for us in the area of safety.

Letstrack is a revolutionary solution for the app to app and app to device connectivity for safety. The devices, as well as LetstrackApp, go beyond the only use of tracking the location. It helps to gather crucial information that could prove as a valuable asset for businesses who use this GPS tracking app as well as advice for their use. They could manage, strategize as well as optimize their sales.

The trackers at Letstrack segregate themselves into several devices. The mostly used trackers are, namely:

Letstrack Personal
Letstrack Basic Series
Letstrack Bike Series
Letstrack Plug & Play

These devices differentiate themselves on the basis of certain features.
The GPS trackers of Letstrack could be used for four-wheeled vehicle owners such as cab, bus, taxi, personal owners and much more. In addition to this tracking system of Letstrack can be utilized for two-wheeled vehicles as well. Anyone who may remain away from their vehicle for a long span of time may also benefit from this sort of device.

With state-of-the-art technology, Letstrack provides specifications that prove best for the customer use. Some of the specifications in brief:

Real-time tracking
Recorded history
Speed Alert
Zone alert
Multiple cars switching
Parking alerts
Water Proof
SOS safety alarm and much more

With these features Letstrack couples together features of showing the average fuel consumption, number of stops, average speed etc. on just a single screen for you to ponder over.The factor of global connectivity allows the user to track the location irrespective of the person being tracked.

These devices and app for tracking could prove as an incentive for our near ones who want to achieve heights but are restricted due to obstacles. It will fulfill all your safety and security needs.

Letstrack GPS tracking systems altogether aim to assure you all the safety as well as security by following our motto of “Safety for one, Safety for all”.

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