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Monitor your employees with Letstrack GPS Tracking Device

Monitor your employees with Letstrack GPS Tracking Device.jpgEvery business’ priority is to earn maximum profits & profits are directly related to high productivity and the only way to get high productivity is when your employees deliver the finest results they can at all time. With GPS tracking system businesses are able to keep a tab on employees in real-time, reducing wasted time & leading to high performance.

GPS tracking system for employees gives management the information that they need to have better control of their workforce and helps them to formulate strategies accordingly. Letstrack GPS devices come with a real-time tracking feature. There are multiple benefits of using Letstrack GPS tracking device that can lead to more efficient, more productive workforce.

Real-Time Tracking Data

Lestrack GPS system enables you with real-time tracking, which allows a user to view the current location of employees. You can also check their active/inactive status & attendance trends from Letstrack Web dashboard. This specific feature is only for the administrator, also enables you to add as many employees as you like!

Saves Costs

Letstrack helps companies to save costs by managing & providing its employee attendance records & maintains transparency. It provides daily/monthly attendance details in excel format sharing the info of which employee was not active on working hours & which means salary deductions & that leads to saving of cost. Also, it enables you to prevent false attendance, you can keep an eye on proxy attendance.

Analytics & Visualizations

Our platforms stores a lot of data on daily basis and these data are accessible to the management in the form of rich analytics & visualization. Letstrack also provides automated reports for you to download at the click of a button. Simple & easy to understand the data, so that you can formulate better business strategies.

Offline Support

Poor connectivity in a developing nation like India happens on daily basis but no need to worry, Letstrack brings you a solution. All your precious work will be stored locally on your device & automatically will be synced with the dashboard whenever you re-connect to the internet.

GPS tracking system is very beneficial & it can help business reduce costs and increased productivity. That often makes a business competitive, an important component of success in today’s business world.

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Safety Devices for Kids & Loved Ones


Kids are going to fall, crash, tumble and crumble. It is all part of being a kid and we too want our kids to slip and then get up to find their own way. There are many ways by which we can protect our children from serious injuries that could lead to disabilities and even deaths.

Children are the perfect combo of naughtiness and curiosity with energy and we also want our children at this time of age to go on whereabouts, explore, learn and have fun. But we do not want injuries to harm them. And this is where information and planning about them come in.

Have you ever wondered that basic injuries lead to deaths even? Approximately one million children die every year around the world due to guardians’ ignorance. From the time babies are born, parents do everything that comes in their power to protect their children from harm.

Well, hopefully, there are some measures that could be pre-planned in order to keep children safe. And one of the affordable and proven methods to keep children safe is by having information of their whereabouts.

Be a super parent and keep eye on your child all the time by the use of GPS tracking devices. Letstrack GPS device for tracking children has always proven as a top-rated measure for the protection of children. Letstrack Personal, the tracking device for children could be placed in the bag, fasten to a belt or kept in a pocket, it works in real-time to give accurate locations of your children.

Think of tracking devices as go-to information provider of your child and have all the peace of mind. Children are like the wind, they too want to flow freely while being in their own madness. So this is the perfect time to be with your children and help them learn the ways they can explore and still be safe.

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Stanford Professor, Dubbed ‘Father of GPS,’, Wins Distinguished 2016 Marconi Prize

Dr. Bradford Parkinson, who is thought of as the Father of GPS, is set to win the 2016 Marconi Prize.
Today, the global positioning system (GPS) is something nearly everyone uses on a regular basis, but it wasn’t always the case. During its original developments, the system was denied funding due to lack of probable use. Nearly 50 years later, Dr. Bradford Parkinson, who is largely responsible for its creation and success, is winning the prolific Marconi Prize for this very technology.
Parkinson, currently a professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford, is going to receive the honor. The Marconi Prize is a prestigious award given out to the best and brightest in communication and information science. It is given annually, along with $100,000 of prize money. It is only given to those who create technology that helps humanity, which the GPS tracking and navigation system undoubtedly does.
The development of GPS began back in 1972, when Parkinson was a colonel in the Air Force. He belonged to a USAF program called 621B, where satellites were going to be used for a new global navigation system. Parkinson has previously represented the idea to the government, but they denied funding. It wasn’t until this project for the Air Force that it became a reality. There were still budget issues, but Parkinson didn’t back down and instead proceeded with his sketches, which he still has to this day.
Eventually, Parkinson got the green light in December 1973, which resulted in the very first GPS satellite being released a few years later. There are now 30 GPS satellites that circle the planet, all thanks to Parkinson’s attributions to science and his refusal to give up.
He had previously had a career for the U.S. Naval Academy when he studied navigation, in addition to having a Master of Science at MIT. He was also in charge of teaching astronauts about satellite operations. After developing the GPS, he continued to work in the same field of work, eventually teaching at Stanford. He has shown his passion for teaching some of the brightest individuals in the field:
 “It wasn’t just my colleagues in Aero/Astro who were very skilled, but the young men and women I taught were the absolute cream of the universities of the United States. The best and the brightest. I’m still amazed at the things we accomplished. It was just awesome.”
Though the technology has helped with GPS tracking, mapping and navigational purposes, he still sometimes jokes that he wishes people could still read a map the old-fashioned way. Nevertheless, he will receive the prestigious 2016 Marconi Prize, a great honor to anyone in the field of communications.

The Brief Insight of the GPS Tracking System

Using GPS trackers designed and developed by GPS tracking software manufacturers caters to the need of Global positioning. However the GPS tracking receiver will be deficient and unable to perform without GPS tracking software. This is because it’s the only software which decodes the data received by the GPS receiving unit and the software actually transforms the signals into the useful information of location and other related aspects like time , altitude and latitude and in case of vehicles they also tell about the speed and the direction in which the vehicle is travelling.

The software created by GPS tracking software manufacturers displays the complete information in a readable format. Some GPS tracker manufacturer develops their personal software instead of outsourcing the services and necessary applications from other vendors. This software for a particular receiver will permit to access the correct mapping statistics for the GPS element and will generate a consumer responsive interface for the interaction. Although this interface is not that complicated and you can always obtain directions and plan your trips with the help of this device.

Every GPS has its unique feature and set of elements which act as a deciding factor for finalizing the purchase. There are companies which offer demo for the better understanding of the product and its utility. They also provide the feedback and reviews of their services which acts as a promotional tool and a guiding feature for planning the comparative analysis between different brands and their GPS products. It is certainly an easy and good approach to judge about the best and uncomplicated interface. Most contemporary GPS pieces include handheld receiver, speedy and controlling mini computers that propose an enormous agreement of recollection capabilities. They are really an excellent device with amazing potential. This software provides useful information like the current speed, signal level, to determine the best routing resolution for your desires

The prime use of the GPS tracker produced by GPS tracking manufacturer is providing vehicle navigation. Since the demand is very high for the vehicles installed with GPS the car manufacturers have started adding an extra feature and device into the car for meeting the requirement of GPS tracking. Another plus point is the units are so compact that they can be easily moved from one vehicle to another based on the need of hour. This device is tremendously helpful in driving and navigation. It gives you the road map for your travel and when necessary it also helps in getting directions for reaching the destiny. This also guides you for alternate routes in case the traffic prone areas come in between your travelling direction. It entitles for quick escapes from tough and messy traffic.

It is also an ideal vehicle or valuable retriever as within seconds it can locate the vehicle or other item to which the GPS tracker is attached. The database for information compiling and segregation is also made to make the search operations simpler and easy. This data is stored safely into a system. Also the alert from GPS software can be obtained on computer or smart phone with pre installed services.

About Letstrak

This is a name in the market of GPS tracking devices and is a leading and renowned manufacturer of the GPS tracking systems. To obtain one or multiple GPS tracking system for your personal as well as professional usage contact at or Call us: +44 020 3375 4259 

Letstrak GPS Tracker Helps Parent – Child Relationships

In today’s increasingly dangerous world, all parents face a common struggle: trying to keep their children safe while still allowing them freedom. No parent wants to keep their children under lock and key until they reach adulthood; however, no parent wants to risk their child’s safety in the name of independence, either. So what’s the answer to this dilemma? How do parents, concerned for their children living in a dangerous world, balance this concern with their children’s need for independence? GPS tracking may provide the solution.
GPS tracking devices interact with satellites orbiting the earth. These satellites allow tracking units to transmit their exact location, which can be tracked by users on a map. Parents can use this technology to keep track of where their children are at any moment, either by keeping an up-to-the-minute watch on their children, or simply keep a log for perusal should a problem arise, providing a helpful extra set of “eyes” to keep tabs on a young person’s whereabouts.
These trackers can do more than simply providing that extra set of “eyes” and keeping your child safe. Among the benefits of using these devices, some parents have found that these GPS devices can enrich your relationship with your child. They encourage open communication and loving accountability. When your child may be facing potential danger, whether a long trip or going out with friends, the devices can stimulate conversation about what is and isn’t appropriate in a dangerous place or situation. Most importantly, you can make your child aware that someone cares enough about their safety to actively invest time and energy into checking on them.
An excellent example of personal GPS tracking devices took place this last Halloween. Parents everywhere recognized the benefits of these devices for their trick or treating children. No more worrying about an abducted or lost child, simply check the location on your tracker, allowing you child to have fun and independence and you to stay calm. The uses of these GPS devices aren’t limited to merely Halloween, either. In similar circumstances where your child might be on his own in unfamiliar or unsafe territory, consider a GPS tracking device.
We’re all trying to keep our good investments safe these days. Your children are your most precious investment; keep them safe and act before danger strikes. Take preemptive measures. When you invest now, you may be saving their lives later.

9 Most Important Criteria to Choose Children Tracking Systems

Children tracking system devices have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Why? That is so because a GPS tracker keeps worried parents informed about the whereabouts of their kids. It makes life increasingly stress-free 

for them. Now with the trend in India also changing with both parents working out of the house and children travelling on their own – school or otherwise – it has been noticed that there is an increase in demand for GPS Tracker device in India.

However before you settle on the type of device that you would like your child to have, take a note of the below pointers –

  • Age of your child – There are many types of devices that your choose from depending on the age of the child. For young kids below the age of 6, a kids’ tracking bracelet is the best option. For little older ones or young teenagers – a GPS watch would be ideal. Also for the responsible children above 12 years of age who are able to handle and take care of their belongings, a portable GPS tracker would be an apt choice.
  • Battery Life – Don’t invest your money in a child tracking system with a multitude of features. The prime reason being, a device with multiple features would exhaust the battery life soon. Keep in mind the pivotal function of the device should be able to precisely track the whereabouts of your kids. And if the device does just that, there should be no looking beyond.
  • Variance of information retrieval – It is up to you to decide whether you wish for a device that gives you information only in real time or whether you are looking for a device that lets you save the history data too.
  • Accuracy – Do not blindly invest your money on any tracking device. Read the reviews and instructions carefully. Buy a device that has the review of accuracy.
  • SOS Button – The GPS tracking device that you would be buying for your child should have an SOS button. It allows your child to reach you in a jiffy. This way you remain relaxed too.
  • Check the Rates of monthly fees – Any GPS tracker device in India requires you to pay a monthly fee. Whether it is GPS watches or portables, there is a monthly service fee. Check the rates to ensure that you are paying a nominal fee and are not being overcharged.
  • Compatibility – The GPS tracking device that you buy for your child should be compatible with your smartphone system – iOS, Android or Windows.
  • Buy devices that send alerts – An ideal GPS tracking device would send alerts to a preset mobile number when the child leaves or enters certain specified zones.
  • Extra Features – Check out some extra features if available with your device – MP3-player, medical alert, heart rate system alert, pedometer, etc.

The above 9 features would be sufficient to serve as guidelines when you choose a GPS tracking device for children. Go ahead and make a right choice!

Top 10 Benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking System for Logistics Company

In today’s fast moving world, the success of a transportation company depends greatly upon the smooth stream of items from the source of origin to the customers with zero damage. There are so many innovative innovations are being invented every day to enhance the integration and visibility of the customer support.
The logistics transportation is all about the every little thing from big space vehicles to GPS assimilation. All the leading organizations are entitled into boosting their logistics transportation system. To improve the effectiveness of the logistics with boosted services it is important to keep track of the vehicles, assets and the workforce with an end to end visibility.
Vehicle tracking system is an automated technology that allows the use of an electronic device installed in individual vehicles to know the fleet location. The system commonly uses GPS technology and the location can be viewed as an electronic map via the internet.
Benefits of vehicle tracking system:
  • The vehicle tracking system manages the efficiency of the fleet and helps in reducing the operational costs. It reduces the unnecessary fuel and maintenance costs by monitoring the driver behavior.
  • It reduces the driving time of the fleet by optimizing the driving routes and eliminates the misuse of the routes.
  • The system allows the business owners and the drivers to focus on first class customer services to their destinations.
  • It helps to maintain the whereabouts of the vehicle and helps the owners to monitor the activity of the drivers throughout the day. By maintaining the record, the workers productivity can be increased by exposing the unnecessary breaks.
  • It also gives the business owners to monitor the assets and provides the customers with the exact delivery time.
  • The accurate data of the system helps greatly in managing the profit and loss analysis to improve the budget preparation.
  • The improved monitoring system enhances the safety and security of the personnel by providing the two-way communication.
  • By having the whereabouts data of the employees, the business owners can have the control over their company.
  • The better route planning and the proper schedules will help you to provide better service and enables you to save money.
Many logistics organizations like Letstrak have their own vehicles and folks to pick the item from the origin and delivering it to the customers. They are specialized in analyzing your logistics systems and help you in providing a better solution. The GPS tracking system is not only for the large business but the solution for all business for a successful hit in the industry.